‘Music is the very soul of a great church’ as Hector Berlioz said.  Here at St Michael’s, music is at the heart of our worship.

Music has been offered in worship since Biblical times; this offering is vitally important, for music has the ability to transcend words; it is the language of the spirit.  Music can inspire, excite, soothe, and heal; it can unite people of different backgrounds and nationalities, it can speak to people of all faiths and of none, and it can point the way to God.

There are also regular concerts, recitals and other musical events hosted at St Michael’s. Please contact the Parish Office ( if you would like to hire the church for a musical event.

The Organ

The L1004745 Organ 1organ at St Michael’s was built by Bishop and Sons in 1899, with the addition of a choir organ in 1904. It was rebuilt and electrified by Percy Daniel and Co. in 1976.  In 2016 it underwent extensive renewal and improvement by BC Shepherd and Sons.


Full details and specification may be found on the National Pipe Organ Register: – entry P00999