Notices w/c 7th March

Image: The Christ Pantocrator mosaic at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Welcome to St Michael’s Parish Notices this week as we continue our Lent pilgrimage together. This Sunday we reflect particularly on Jerusalem as a site of pilgrimage. You can find the relevant chapter from our Lent Book here. The full Lent leaflet is here.

THIS SUNDAY – Lent 3              Pilgrimage Theme: ‘Jerusalem’
8.00am: Low Mass 
9.00am: Morning Prayer 
10.00am: Sung Mass *
Readings: Exodus 20.1-17 and 1 Corinthians 1.18-25
Gospel: John 2.13-22
Introit Hymn: He who would valiant be
Lent Prose
Offertory hymn: When I survey the wondrous cross

Communion Hymn: O Lord, increase my faith, Henry Loosemore
11.45am: Zoom Coffee + (see below)
6.00pm: Lent Evensong (see below)
NB. All services are now in-person. Livestreamed services are indicted with a *

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ZOOM COFFEE THIS WEEK      11.45am-12.30pm
Rosemary Nutt join us as she tells us about Jerusalem as a place of pilgrimage.
About Rosemary: Rosemary Nutt works for the leading pilgrimage firm McCabe Pilgrimages. Members of Saint Michael’s went to the Holy Land with McCabe in 2018. Rosemary has been organising pilgrimages and visiting the Holy Land for many years and has seen the revival of pilgrimage in many places around the world.

Topic: St Michael’s Zoom Coffee
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Meeting ID: 814 8042 1749

SUNDAY EVENSONG ‘My journey of faith’ with James Day
This Sunday at 6.00pm we welcome James Day as the third of our Lent Evensong speakers on the theme ‘My journey of faith … so far’. The service is accompanied on the organ by Coralie Day and Ben Law.

11.30AM CHILDREN’S MASS RESTARTING – from 14th March
With schools going back this coming week, and having consulted with parents, now is the right time to restart our 11.30am Children’s Mass, with the first service next Sunday 14th March for Mothering Sunday. For more information please email the office to receive the Children and Families News Email.

As usual we will be decorating the church with lilies for Easter. If you would like to make a donation to the cost of the lilies in memory of a loved one, please leave cash in an envelope marked ‘Lilies’ at the Parish Office with the names of those you would like to be remembered. Envelopes can be slid under the door if the office is closed. Alternatively, cash and names can be given to Fiona Brannon or Jane Gardiner.

NEW DIOCESAN WEBSITE – featuring Saint Michael’s!
The Diocese of Southwark has refreshed its website. If you go to the website ( you may be lucky enough to see this wonderful photo of Saint Michael’s taken last Christmas by Leyi Zhang. I say ‘lucky’ because there is a range of about eight different photos from different churches and you get a different one each time! But here’s a screenshot of the photo from St Michael’s.

The lockdowns over the last year have been financially difficult for some of us. However, for others the lockdown has also enabled the saving of money that would otherwise have been spent on holidays, eating out and other activities. Alms-giving is an important discipline in Lent as we consider what we are able to offer to the Church in God’s service. In light of this, those who are in a fortunate position should consider what gift they can make to Saint Michael’s to help us make up the shortfall from giving that has inevitably resulted from having significant periods of the year when collections were impossible or down considerably. Please give this your consideration, and whether you decide to make a one-off donation or to join or increase your giving, you can find information about how to do this on the Giving pages of our website here.
SOME GENTLE REMINDERS – talking and distancing
As conditions improve and infections continue to reduce, we must still keep in mind some of the important rules:

  • Current rules do not permit people to gather in groups in the church to talk. From Monday 8th March you are permitted to walk and talk with one other person outside but gathering inside to talk is still not permitted. If you choose to talk with other people after church that is (in a sense) your choice, but I ask you to do this away from the immediate vicinity of the church so that we are not the subject of complaints about illegal activity.
  • Please also keep in mind social-distancing inside the building as well as out. As more people begin to come to church again, we all need to be particularly mindful of where other people are sitting and make sure we are ideally 2 metres away from other people. If in doubt, the Stewards may ask you to move and we ask that you are please understanding if this takes place.


  • The APCM won’t be able to take place on the anticipated date of 25th April, as such meetings aren’t permitted at that time. However, we willlet you know a new date as soon as it is decided upon.
  • We are also taking the precaution of moving the Midsummer Fete to 26th June in the hope that restrictions might be lifted in time. Please adjust your diaries accordingly.

Monday 8th 
9.00am Morning Prayer
7.00pm Holy Hour: Silent Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament
Tuesday 9th
9.00am Morning Prayer
Wednesday 10th
9.00am Morning Prayer
12.00pm Angelus and Mass
Thursday 11th
9.00am Morning Prayer
Saturday 13th
9.00am Morning Prayer
 9.30am Mass   
Sunday 14th – Lent 4, Mothering Sunday              Pilgrimage Theme: ‘Walsingham’
8.00am  Low Mass
9.00am Morning Prayer
10.00am Sung Mass * 
Preacher: Fr Stephen Stavrou
11.30am Children’s Mass
Posies of flowers will be blessed and given out at 10am and 11.30am
12.3pm Zoom Coffee+ Fr Peter Anthony, formerly Shrine Priest at Walsingham
Note the later start time for this week only

6.00pm  Choral Evensong with Blessing of Choir Lights
ONLINE ONLY via You Tube and Facebook

Sick: Frances Harman, Rosalyn Fletcher, Tina Wilkinson, Ali Adams, Colin Harrison
Recently Died: Darren Simpson-Lees, Lucian Nethsingha, David Lloyd-Thomas
Anniversary of Death: Dorothy Smith, Michael Billing, Anthony Gardiner, Peggy Hoskyns-Abrahall, Juliet Salaman, Sheila Jacks, Valerie Haynes, Gilly Parsons, John Hornblow, Joy Gibben